The GNU Compiler Collection, likely best known by its gcc C compiler.

Versions and Availability

Module Names for gcc on qb2
Machine Version Module Name
None Available N/A N/A
▶ **FIX-ME** FAQ?
  • Make sure you match up any libraries needed with the version of the compiler you want to use. Below is an example matching use of the gcc 4.7.2 compilers with the MVAPICH2 1.8.1 library using softenv (similar steps needed with module):
  • Choose the compiler command name from the table below:
Language Serial Codes MPI Codes OpenMP Codes Hybrid Codes
Fortran gfortran mpif90 gfortran -fopenmp mpif90 -fopenmp
C gcc mpicc gcc -fopenmp mpicc -fopenmp
C++ g++ mpiCC g++ -fopenmp mpiCC -fopenmp
  • Note: the libraries used with the MPI compiler commands are controlled by the MPI softenv key specified in the .soft file.


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