The GSL (GNU Scientific Library) is a programming API that covers a wide variety of mathematical functions and algorithms.

Versions and Availability

Module Names for gsl on philip
Machine Version Module Name
philip 1.16 gsl/1.16/INTEL-15.0.3
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Softenv defines some variables which point at the library home directory. Use soft-dbq to determine it's name, then use it to add a link option to your build. You may see something like this (the output has been edited for brevity):

$ soft-dbq +gsl-1.15-Intel-13.0.0

This is all the information associated with
the key or macro +gsl-1.15-Intel-13.0.0.
. . .
    gsl_HOME = /usr/local/packages/gsl/1.15/Intel-13.0.0

The compile and build options to use would be:

       -L${gsl_HOME}/lib -lgsl

For more information, please refer to the materials in the Resources section.


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