NetCDF (Network Common Data Format) is a set of software libraries supporting machine-independent data file formats that are useful for accessing and sharing array-oriented scientific data.

Versions and Availability

Module Names for netcdf_fortran on qb2
Machine Version Module Name
None Available N/A N/A
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For clusters using module, use the module disp command to determine the location of the netcdf_fortran path and then add it to your build options:

$ module disp netcdf_fortran/4.2/INTEL-140-MVAPICH2-2.0

module-whatis    Description: NetCDF (network Common Data Form) is a set of software libraries 
 and machine-independent data formats that support the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented 
  scientific data. - Homepage: 
  conflict   netcdf_fortran 
. . .  
  setenv         LHPC_ROOTNETCDF_FORTRAN /usr/local/packages/netcdf_fortran/4.2/INTEL-140-MVAPICH2-2.0 
  setenv         LHPC_VERSIONNETCDF_FORTRAN 4.2 
  setenv         LHPC_DEVELNETCDF_FORTRAN /usr/local/packages/netcdf_fortran/4.2/INTEL-140-MVAPICH2-2.0/easybuild/netcdf_fortran-4.2-INTEL-140-MVAPICH2-2.0-easybuild-devel 
. . .
libnetcdff.a  pkgconfig

The libraries are used at link time by the compiler, so the following options could be used:

   -L${LHPC_ROOTNETCDF}/lib -lnetcdff

Please refer to the documentation in Resources for a discussion of the API and how to choose the correct library.


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