tginfo (TeraGrid Information Service Directory Client) is the application used by the XSEDE project to display resource information, such as sites, capabilities, services, and more.

Versions and Availability

Module Names for tginfo on smic
Machine Version Module Name
smic 1.1.4 tginfo/1.1.4
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To use "tginfo", one must have an XSEDE account. For more information on XSEDE and how to get an account, please go to the XSEDE user portal.

Running "tginfo" without an argument will print the help information:

$ tginfo
TeraGrid Information Services Discovery Client (Version 1.1.4, Release r1)

Syntax: tginfo  []

Information types:
  gridftp|login|ssh|srb          List these services
  gram2|prews-gram               List these services
  gram4|ws-gram                  List these services
  gram5                          List these services
  res[ources] []   List resources
  kits        []   List kits available on resources
  serv[ices]  []   List services
  soft[ware]  []   List software
  out[ages]   []   List outages
  help                           Show all help information

For more detailed informatiion, please refer to the items in the Resources section below.


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