xdusage is the command used to report information about an XSEDE allocation.

Versions and Availability

Module Names for xdusage on smic
Machine Version Module Name
smic 1.1-2 xdusage/1.1-2
smic 2.0-3 xdusage/2.0-3
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Run the command using the -h option to get the help message:

$ xdusage -h

Usage: xdusage.pl [OPTIONS]

     -p  <project>
     -r  <resource>
     -u  <username|Last name>
     -up <portal-username>
     -a  (show all accounts -- ignored with -u)
     -j  (show jobs, refunds, etc)
     -ja (show additional job attributes -- ignored unless -j is specified)
     -pa (show previous allocation -- ignored with -s or -e)
     -ip (suppress inactive projects)
     -ia (suppress inactive accounts)
     -zp (suppress projects with zero usage)
     -za (suppress accounts with zero usage)
     -nc (don't use commas in reported amounts)
     -e   (requires -s as well)
         (display usage for period between start-date and end-date)
     -V  (print version information)
     -h  (print usage message)

Run the "xdusage" command alone will show the information of all allocations available to the current user.


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