3rd LBRN-LONI Scientific Computing Bootcamp

Title Date Times Venue
3rd LBRN-LONI Scientific Computing Bootcamp June 01 - 05 2020 800 AM - 500 PM Zoom Online

HPC@LSU will hold the 3rd LBRN-LONI Scientific Computing Bootcamp on June 1 - 5 in an online virtual form via Zoom.

Scientific computing is becoming more ubiquitous for all types of research areas. Skills and knowledge that are necessary to take full advantage of the power of computing, however, are often inadequately present in both curricular and extracurricular training. The purpose of this workshop is, by both presentation and hands-on experiences, to help attendants understand the usage of popular scientific computing programming tools and prepare for their future computational study and research career.

In five days, the attendants will learn:

  • The basics of Python programming language and using it in scientific computing
  • Introduction to R programming language with its applications
  • Introduction to Deep Learning

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